Yahoo Sues Facebook Today!

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New leadership might mean new everything for Yahoo since a move that has allegedly sprung solely from new CEO Scott Thompson is poised to start a major shakedown within the company. Amidst the rumoured dissenting opinion of other Yahoo bigwigs, the company has sued another internet giant Facebook over what they say as infringement on patents over messaging, advertising displayrss feeds, social commentary and privacy controls among others. Yahoo media feeds contain comment that hints at Facebook riding on its patented technologies for years.
Yahoo vs Facebook infringement 1 Yahoo Sues Facebook: Wise Or Dumb Move? (Details)
To bolster their claims, Yahoo even quoted Facebook CEO and one of Forbes Magazine’s newly minted billionaire Mark Zuckerberg as saying that Facebook is indeed based on Yahoo’s social networking tech. The young CEO then proceeded to imply the lack of innovation of Yahoo over the year when he said “getting there first is not what it is all about”.
In the wake of other similar issues of wrangling over intellectual property like that of Apple, Microsoft and Google, this move by Yahoo seems to be puzzling even the observers. It has come at a time when Facebook is set to launch an IPO that according to Zuckerberg will increase its value to $100 billion. Speculations abound as to the motive of Yahoo when it apparently doesn’t have to go against the surging popularity of the fast growing social media networking leader.
It is interesting to note that these two companies are going in opposite directions in the financial ladder. This might not be a good move by Yahoo according to experts since this is a risk that might just push it further down; it should have focused instead on innovative solutions.
One thing’s for sure: if you ask the millions of Facebook users out there, this might garner a million “unlikes” and belabeled a major fail. See the official complaint below.
Complaint for Patent Infringement