Discovering Religion.......

    Welcome to Discovering Religion – an original series on the discrepancies between a literalistic belief in religious mythologies and the cold, hard facts of evolution and 21st Century scientific discoveries of the Earth and Universe.
    Here is an excerpt from the YouTube channel description of the maker of this documentary: “I have been asked on multiple occasions to clarify the nature of my beliefs, as the title of my series is a little ambiguous. Neither I nor anyone else can say with 100% certainty whether “God(s)” does or does not exist.
    Therefore, the aim of this series is to examine what religious philosophies tell us about where we are from and where we are going, then compare and contrast these views against the indisputable facts discovered about the Earth and Universe through rigorous scientific investigation. From my own investigation of these facts I’ve determined the Bible inaccurately describes the known Universe and therefore is not something in which I can place my belief.
    Although I have come to understand the Abrahamic God is very unlikely to exist, I want my series to convey a sense of objectivity. There has been a recent trend among many popular atheist channels on YouTube to bash religion or look down on those for believing in a higher power. I see no difference between this and passing moral judgment on someone for being gay or for holding a contrary political view.
    Theist or atheist, gay or straight, republican or democrat, etc., etc. – it makes no difference what you believe or how you feel best to live your life, so long as the same rights and freedoms that you enjoy are extended to everyone else.
    I hope both theists and non-theists can equally enjoy this series. I understand there are many different ways in which to lead one’s life, and although many of us may personally disagree with one another on moral, religious, or philosophical grounds, opposing views should be respected. However, our respect of the FACTS must come before all else.”