Viber as an alternative to ...


Viber as an alternative to voice & SMS roaming?

In the next 3 weeks, I will be in Europe for some business and personal vacation. Since I was granted a 30-day Schengen visa, I thought I do some side trips before going home (it’s Germany for official business and France and Italy for a little bit of travel).
I’ve been to Germany twice before so I know how much I spent for international roaming (and it was expensive) so I thought an extended stay will be disastrous to my phone bills (last time it was around Php30k for the two weeks).
Several months ago, I tried Viber. I also knew about WhatsApp but I liked Viber better because it supports voice calls and SMS over IP. The tight integration between my GSM contacts and the App was also a good way for me to consolidate contacts (meaning, only those that are already listed in my SIM contacts are automatically seen and added).
Since Viber is supported on a lot of iOS and Android devices, I’m pretty sure a lot of my contacts can also use it. So it’s only a matter of just telling them to use it to contact me while I’m out of the country.
The only other issue is for me to be able to find internet connection while I’m abroad. I’ve got my pocket WiFi with me and I’m just checking out which mobile 3G network in Germany is best to use for data.
And of course, there’s Facebook, Twitter and Email.
Note: This is where I’m telling you to install it now if you want to reach me in the next 3 weeks.