Shield For iPhone 4S: Price and Review

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PureTek Roll-On Screen Shield For iPhone 4S: Price and Review

Posted on 17 February 
Pure Gear had just made application of a screen shield to mobile devices easy and fail-safe. The Pure Tek Roll-on screen shield is made of a clear Polyurethane material. The design of this roll-on screen is fully functional, from the packaging to the roller and the screen protector itself.
puretek roll on screen protector iphone PureTek Roll On Screen Shield For iPhone 4S: Price and Review
The screen protector was designed to protect the surface of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with the 0.22mm ultra thin shield. The roller is built and designed to iron out the bubbles from sticking the screen shield. And before you throw out the packaging wait a bit more. This can be used to hold your device and serve as an application tray. By simply lifting the Pure Tek shield, slide your device on the application tray and carefully lay down the shield as you pass the roller over to ensure that the screen protector sticks on top of your mobile phone’s screen.
This convenient and easy to apply shield protector is sold along with a roller, the screen shield protector and cleaning cloth. The packaging as mentioned earlier also serves as an application tray. This is being sold for $ 24.99. This assures owners of a hassle-free application to protect their screens from scratches. For demonstration on how to apply the Pure Tek Roll-on Screen Shield see below.